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Your Patient Experience…

Your experience at the NY Center for Sinus Relief is different than that of other medical offices.

Because there are many different causes for sinusitis, our expert staff follows a patient centered workflow, which identifies your unique causes and triggers of sinusitis which gives way to individualized treatment options.



Detailed Analysis




Treating Sinusitis


Balloon Sinuplasty

We Start With an In-Depth Patient Analysis

Your first step to healthier breathing begins with a detailed analysis conducted by one of our sinus specialist professionals. Not only do we do a detailed analysis of your sinus history but also of your environment, prior treatments and your diet.

Understanding the potential causes of sinus problems as they relate to you is the key to feeling better. Click for more

Diagnose the cause of your sinus issues

We feel that if there is an identifiable cause for your sinusitis, we want to detect it right from the beginning. Because inflammation can be mediated from many different conditions, we will test conditions that may not have been previously thought of or addressed.

Start your treatment by looking at…

Understanding how diet and environment may play a role in inducing an inflammatory response is a critical step that is frequently overlooked when treating sinusitis. Therefore, certain foods can trigger inflammation in your sinuses, as well as certain allergies which can also cause your sinus cavities to become inflamed and blocked.

We focus on natural and alternative therapies before engaging in medications or interventional therapy.

Minimally Invasive in-office Sinus Surgery

When the cause of your sinusitis has been properly identified, sometimes medications and alternative therapies aren’t affective in treating your problems.
We believe the minimally invasive approach offers distinct advantages over traditional endoscopic surgery. With minimal discomfort, bleeding, and recovery time – In-office Balloon sinuplasty may be part of your treatment options.