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Due to the myriad of causes related to sinusitis – potential treatment options will vary. If it’s triggered by allergies then chances are you’ll continue to have episodes of flare-ups. Likewise, if it’s a structural issue in your facial anatomy then medications may help the symptoms, but chances are you’ll have recurring issues. Sinusitis treatments are also dependent on:

Your overall health and medical history
Type of sinusitis and severity
Your tolerance and preference for treatment options including surgical options.

Sinusitis treatment may include a combination of medical, immunotherapy (allergy), natural, in-office procedures and surgical options . Our specialized physicians can help implement your individualized treatment plan.

Sinusitis Medications Goshen NY


Different over-the-counter and prescribed medications can help with treating sinus infections, inflammation and congestion… Learn More

Natural Remedies For Sinusitis Goshen NY

Alternative Therapies:

There are natural treatment remedies that can potentially help relieve your symptoms. They can also help prevent the recurrence of sinusitis episodes… Learn More

Dietary Influences For Sinusitis Goshen NY

Dietary Influences:

Nutrition can result in a myriad of negative health impacts including causing or exacerbating your sinus symptoms… Learn More


Allergies Or Sinus Infection Goshen NY

Allergy Relief:

Chronic inflammation due to allergies can lead to obstruction of the sinus openings resulting in recurrences of sinusitis… Learn More

Immunotherapy Allergy Goshen NY


In order to effectively treat any allergy conditions you may have, it’s important to undergo testing to see exactly which allergens you’re afflicted by and how severe… Learn More

Sinusitis Complications Goshen NY

Sinusitis Complications:

not treating the correct cause or implementing the right treatment options can lead to reoccurring problems as well as rare complications… Learn More