Traditional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

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Traditional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Goshen NYWith traditional endoscopy sinus surgery the surgeon will use an endoscope to visualize the sinus cavities. Upon visualization, variety of instruments are used to remove tissue and bone – depending on the type of obstruction to the ostium (sinus opening). This is done in the operating room, usually under general anesthesia.

Because some patients suffer with structural problems – such as a deviated septum and large polyps (large tissues growths) endoscopic surgery may be a better treatment option.

However, a combination of endoscopic surgery and balloon dilatation can also be used. This allows the surgeon to remodel the anatomy where needed while using the balloon dilation instrument to reshape the sinus openings. This technique can help with preserving the mucosal lining for continued sinus health and drainage.

If sinus surgery is needed, our surgeon will work with you directly to decide which option is best for you for an effective and safe treatment.