How is sinusitis diagnosed?

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First and foremost – visit a specialized healthcare professional.

The causes are so diverse an in-depth history and examination by a physician is crucial. A physical exam can reveal whether there are physical abnormalities – such as a deviated septum or nasal polyps – and how obstructed (blocked) your sinus openings are.

Based upon your history and exam your physician can help determine why type of sinusitis you are suffering from which will determine which course of action is best.

To help assist with the physical exam your doctor may use some of the following:


Endoscopy Small Fiber Optic Scope Goshen NY


This is a procedure using a small fiber optic scope (endoscope) that allows your physician direct visualization of your sinuses. It helps evaluation the sinus tissues as well as the nasal anatomy and help identify any obstructions.

Computated Tomography Scan Goshen NY

CT (Computated Tomography) Scan

CT scans are a form of x-rays that can also visualize soft tissues such as your sinuses. They can help visualize anatomy your doctor is unable to see by a physical exam alone. As your sinuses a hallow spaces in your skull the CT can visualize whether the cavity is empty (or rather filled with air) and appear black on a scan. Or filled with fluid and have a grey or what appearance.

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Allergy Testing Goshen NY

Allergy Testing

As we’ve seen sinusitis can be brought on by allergies. Your doctor may order an allergy test – a skin test to determine which allergens you are affected by.

Though not all these tests may be necessary during an initial diagnosis, your doctor can utilize them during the course of treatment to determine the effectiveness of your treatment options.