Sinusitis Complications

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Sinusitis Complications Symptoms Goshen NY

For those of us who suffer from chronic sinus conditions, we need little convincing to get some type of treatment – if only to at least alleviate the symptoms of sinus headaches and congestion.

But not treating the correct cause or implementing the right treatment options can lead to reoccurring problems as well as rare complications.

When sinusitis goes untreated it can damage the cells lining the nasal passageway, where they can no longer function properly. When this happens the cilia are unable to sweep away dirt and mucus – stimulating the cycle of recurring sinusitis. You may then experience more frequent headaches, pressure, sinus, ear or other respiratory infections. Other people may experience a decreased sense of smell or taste.

Though rare, infections can spread to the bone (osteomyelitis). Furthermore, because only a thin layer of bone separates your brain from your sinus cavities it’s possible for the infection to pass to the lining in your brain causing meningitis. This is an extremely rare but life threatening condition.

Treating sinusitis is important and successful treatment plans may include some or all of the above mentioned treatment. But even with medical or immunotherapy sinus surgery may be required