Types of Sinusitis

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Acute Sinusitis Symptoms

Acute Sinusitis

Usually less the 30 days (4 weeks). Acute is a sudden onset.

Subacute Sinusitis Symptoms

Subacute Sinusitis

Symptoms usually lasting between 1-3 months.

Recurrent acute Rhino sinusitis

Recurrent acute Rhino sinusitis

Acute Sinusitis that reoccurs between 3-5 times within a year.

Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic Sinusitis

Symptoms usually lasting longer than 3 months.

Infected Sinusitis Symptoms

Infected Sinusitis

Symptoms caused by bacteria or viruses.

Noninfected Sinusitis

Noninfected Sinusitis

Symptoms caused by allergies, environmental triggers (i.e. smoke).

Overall, many symptoms of sinus infections are common to both acute and chronic forms.

Suffering from sinusitis effects your social, professional and home life. Suffering from the constant headaches, pain, pressure and fatigue is draining both physically and emotionally.

Understanding the type and causes of your sinusitis is the key to effective treatment plans.